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About HOPE SF: The Basics

The HOPE SF initiative seeks to transform four of San Francisco’s most distressed public housing sites into vibrant, thriving communities through holistic revitalization. Following unique guiding principles and working toward its overarching goals, HOPE SF will have a broad impact on individuals, families, and the City of San Francisco.

HOPE SF will:
Transform 2,500 severely deteriorated public housing sites into sustainable, mixed-income communities with neighborhood retail, community centers, parks, and playgrounds.
Replace every public housing unit and add new homes to the four project sites. The final mix of housing will include public housing, market-rate, and affordable rental and ownership housing.
Respect and support the existing community. Rebuilding each site will occur in phases to minimize disruption to existing residents. Where possible, the project will accommodate on-site relocation.
Plan collaboratively with residents and neighbors. An inclusive, community-led process will ensure that new sites meet the needs of current residents. Four sites are currently in planning stages.
Catalyze neighborhood improvements so residents at all income levels can take advantage of new economic opportunities, improved schools, and community amenities.
Provide Service Connectors and Community Builders to engage the community and to focus on the needs of individual households, linking them with appropriate services and tracking their progress.
Reintroduce each site into the existing neighborhood fabric, ending decades of isolation from the surrounding community.
Build green and ensure that every new unit has a superior urban design.
Create a new financial model for public housing revitalization. Market-rate home sales will help subsidize the cost of public housing reconstruction.
Implement best practices and avoid past mistakes by consulting continuously with nationwide experts and residents.
Learn about and continually improve implementation by engaging in rigorous self-evaluation during the process.

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The Four HOPE SF Sites
Hunters View
Potrero Terrace and Potrero Annex
Alice Griffith