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CityBuild Academy is a construction job training program offered to residents, enabling residents to participate in rebuilding their communities.

CityBuild is a program of the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development. This 12-week pre-apprenticeship program is designed to prepare people for employment in a variety of skilled trades. CityBuild also offers recruiting, training, and placement services to job-seekers.

After receiving Citybuild training, HOPE SF residents are eligible for employment in the HOPE SF rebuilding process. They also qualify for numerous entry-level jobs in the construction trades.

In 2008-09, HOPE SF and CityBuild began working with residents of Hunters View. This process began with pre-training every interested Hunters View resident. Successful graduation from the pre-training program (RAMP) guarantees acceptance into the CityBuild Academy Program.

CityBuild Program Successes
More than 954 job placements since inception.
294 job placements in the last fiscal year alone.
72% of people who start CityBuild graduate from CityBuild.
86% placement rate for Academy graduates.

What’s New at CityBuild?
HOPE SF residents who do not speak English as a first language still qualify! Vocational ESL is now part of the CityBuild Academy curriculum.

CityBuild now incorporates green construction, including solar installation, in the curriculum to ensure you that workers understand green materials on the jobsite.

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CityBuild FAQs
Am I qualified for CityBuild?
To qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria:
San Francisco residency
High school diploma or GED
Valid CA driver's license
U.S. citizenship or proof of eligibility to work in the U.S.
Ability to pass drug tests

How do I apply?
First, attend a scheduled orientation.
You MUST bring a Valid ID or Driver’s License, PLUS a Social Security Card.

Orientations take place at the Career-Link Center at 3120 Mission Street at Cesar Chavez.
- Second Thursday of each month, 10-11 am OR
- Fourth Thursday of each month, 6-7 pm

How long does CityBuild take to complete?
CityBuild Academy is a 12-week, highly structured pre-apprenticeship program. Classes start at 7 am and end at 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

What is the difference between CityBuild and RAMP?
The primary mission of CityBuild Academy is to offer San Francisco residents state-of-the-art construction skills training that prepares them for entry-level work in various skilled trades.

If you do not qualify for CityBuild now, but you are interested in a job in the construction trades, then RAMP may be right for you. RAMP prepares people who do not yet qualify for the CityBuild Academy by helping obtain a GED, a valid ID, and important job skills. Plus, RAMP isn’t only for people who want to enter CityBuild. It also prepares students for other job and job training opportunities.

Will participating in CityBuild guarantee me a job?
No. In this economy, construction has slowed and fewer jobs are available. However, more than 80% of CityBuild graduates are placed in jobs, and HOPE SF residents have priority for the construction jobs on HOPE SF sites.

I’m not interested in construction, but I want job training. How do I find out about other types of programs?
The Office of Economic and Workforce Development offers a range of jobs and job training opportunities for HOPE SF Residents.

If you live in the SFHA housing in any of the HOPE SF communities (Hunters View, Potrero Terrace & Annex, Westside Courts, Alice Griffith, and Sunnydale) please visit your local one-stop Center (see below) for information about applying for jobs and job training programs in San Francisco. You can also learn more by visiting the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. Residents of Hunters View can also find out about jobs by visiting www.Huntersview.info/employment.html.

Access Points
Comprehensive Access Point: 1500 Mission Street (@ 11th , San Francisco, CA 94103; Tel: 415.575.4570
Chinatown Neighborhood Access Point: 601 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133; Tel: 415.677.7500
Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point: 1449 Webster Street (@ Geary), San Francisco, CA 94115; Tel: 415.655.2620
Visitacion Valley Neighborhood Access Point: 1009 Sunnydale Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94134; Tel: 415.239.8705

Where can I find more information about CityBuild Academy?
CityBuild is a partnership between the City and County of San Francisco, Construction trade unions, City College of San Francisco, and community-based organizations. Visit the CityBuild website or call them at 415.401.4889.

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