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Work: Contracting Opportunities

HOPE SF will create jobs and contracting opportunities in the neighborhood. The National Association of Home Builders estimates that 1.16 jobs are generated by building a single apartment. By building more than 6,000 new apartments, HOPE SF will generate thousands of jobs. Current residents will have priority for jobs in the rebuilding process.

Hunters View is the first HOPE SF site to be developed. Other sites are in planning stages and do not have many contracting opportunities at this time. When construction begins, more jobs will become available. See the project timeline for an estimate of when construction will begin on each site.

The City’s Office of Contract Administration (OCA) oversees the procurement of City services, materials, and equipment, including those for HOPE SF. Learn more about doing business with the City of San Francisco by visiting OCA’s website. All RFP/RFQ opportunities related to HOPE SF will be posted in the Bids and Contracts Database managed by OCA.

Interested in contract work related to the HOPE SF rebuild at Hunters View?
Visit the Hunters View website for a current list of available opportunities.

Interested in applying for a job related to the HOPE SF rebuild?
Visit the Job Training page.