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Invest: The Campaign for HOPE SF


Critical to the success of HOPE SF is the Campaign for HOPE SF, a unique public-private partnership - with an ambitious capital-raising goal of $25 million by 2016. The Campaign for HOPE SF will leverage support and invest dollars in a range of areas to ensure the best outcomes for HOPE SF residents and neighborhoods.


The Campaign for HOPE SF is a collaborative of foundations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and community members, which brings in private resources – both funding and other support – to strengthen the revitalization of HOPE SF communities. For a list of major funders, please see Philanthropic Opportunities.


The Campaign was created by Enterprise Community Partners in partnership with The San Francisco Foundation and the City of San Francisco in 2011. It is now led by a Steering Committee and a Leadership Committee.



Campaign for HOPE SF Steering Committee


The HOPE SF Steering Committee sets strategic direction for the campaign fundraising and grant-making and its members are (as of March 2012):


      1. Rich Gross, Chair of the Steering Committee, Vice President and Market Leader, Enterprise Community Partners
      2. Georgette Bhathena, Relationship Manager, Northern CA, Global Philanthropy, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
      3. Pamela David, Executive Director, Walter and Elise Haas Sr. Fund
      4. Ximena Delgado, Sr. Vice President, Bank of America
      5. James Head, Vice President, Programs, The San Francisco Foundation
      6. Nick Hodges, Vice President, Philanthropic Services, The San Francisco Foundation
      7. Kate Howard, Budget Director, City of San Francisco
      8. Olson Lee, Director of Housing, City of San Francisco



Campaign for HOPE SF Leadership Committee


The HOPE SF Leadership Committee members bring expertise, local and national credibility, fundraising connections, and direct financial support to the campaign, and they are (as of March 2012):


  1. David Friedman, Chair of the Leadership Committee, President, The San Francisco Foundation Board of Trustees
  2. Steve Falk, President and CEO, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  3. Michael Billeci, Regional President, Bay Area Region, Wells Fargo Bank
  4. Carlos Garcia, Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District
  5. Bob Giloth, Vice President, Center for Family Economic Success & Community Change, Annie E. Casey Foundation
  6. Ben Hecht, President & CEO, Living Cities
  7. Sandra R. Hernández, M.D. Chief Executive Officer, The San Francisco Foundation
  8. Mary Huss, Publisher, San Francisco Business Times
  9. Talmadge King, Jr., M.D. Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine, University of California at San Francisco
  10. Mayor Ed LeeCity of San Francisco
  11. Daniel Lurie, CEO & Founder, Tipping Point Community
  12. Antonio Manning, West/Southwest Region Executive, Global Philanthropy, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  13. George (Mac) McCarthy, Director, Metropolitan Opportunity, Ford Foundation
  14. Martin Richards, San Francisco Market President, Bank of America
  15. Anne Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, United Way of the Bay Area



Campaign for HOPE SF Task Forces


In 2011 the Campaign for HOPE SF formed three task forces to determine the initial Strategic Priorities for Campaign investments. Each Task Force produced a report and a set of strategic priorities, and all were guided by a desire to maximize the impact on resident outcomes.


Economic Mobility


  • Connect HOPE SF residents to work through linkages to subsidized, supported transitional, or social enterprise employment opportunities in addition to competitive jobs.
  • Support successful employment so that residents succeed in competitive employment and build assets, through barrier removal, case management and wraparound services, and training during subsidized employment.
  • Support smart money management by ensuring residents have timely access to the information, financial products and services, and supports necessary to increase their financial capabilities and build assets.
  • Incentivizing work and saving so that residents who work and save will be better off financially, by promoting policies and improving communications with residents.




  • Support programs and systems to ensure students enter kindergarten ready for school.
  • Support efforts to increase the quality of schools in or near HOPE SF sites.
  • Increase access to quality summertime, and before and after-school time experiences for youth.




  • Organize and empower residents to lead and actively participate in community activities that build a strong and cohesive neighborhood.
  • Prevent exposure to stress and emotional trauma through a reduction in violence and unintended injuries, and provide social support to address trauma.
  • Create community-wide support for an environment that encourages early intervention and treatment of addiction and mental health conditions, and reduces their impact on individual, family, and community health.
  • Promote healthy living behaviors and conditions (including access to healthy food and physical activity) to improve rates of chronic disease, access to health care and prevention services, and healthy child development and family relationships.
  • Ensure safety and health standards are maintained in the demolition and reconstruction of HOPE SF sites so that the physical environment before and during construction is healthy.



Campaign for HOPE SF Task Force Members


Economic Mobility


1. Amy Wallace, Co-Chair, Deputy Director, Workforce Development, Office of Economic Workforce Development

2. Amanda Feinstein, Co-Chair, Senior Program Officer, Walter and Elise Haas Fund

3. Steve Arcelona, Deputy Director, Human Services Agency of San Francisco

4. Tonja Boykin,  Director of Neighborhood Initiatives, Mercy Housing California

5. Ophelia Clark, Professor, Business Department, City College of San Francisco

6. Juliett Ellis, Assistant General Manager for External Affairs, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

7. Christina Garcia, Contract Compliance Supervisor, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

8. Erin Hirsch, Chief of People Services, Goodwill Industries of San Francisco

9. Carla Javits, President, REDF

10. Donna Kotake, Workforce Development Director, San Francisco Department of Human Resources

11. Linda Martin, Ombudsperson, San Francisco Housing Authority

12. David Mauroff, Northern California Area Manager, McCormack Baron Ragan

13. Lorne Needle, Deputy Chief Community Investment Officer, United Way of the Bay Area

14. Uzuri Pease-Greene, Potrero Terrace Resident and Junior Community Builder, BRIDGE Housing

15. Jessica Pitt, Program Director, Bay Area Workforce Funding Collaborative

16. Max Rocha, Deputy Director, San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and their Families

17. Shamann Walton, Executive Director, Young Community Developers




1. Lisa Villarreal, Co-Chair, Program Officer, Education, The San Francisco Foundation

2. Nancy Waymack, Co-Chair, Executive Director of Policy & Operations, San Francisco Unified School District

3. Georgette Bhathena, Northern California Relationship Manager, Global Philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

4. Margaret Brodkin, Initiative Director, New Day for Learning

5. Margaret Campbell, Senior Project Manager, The John Stewart Company

6. Renee Espinoza, Executive Director, San Francisco Education Fund

7. Gina Fromer, Executive Director, Bayview YMCA

8. Diane Gray, Executive Director, Bayview Association for Youth - 100% College Prep Institute

9. Phil Halperin, Founder, Silver Giving Foundation

10. Dominica Henderson, Management Analyst, Housing Development & Modernization, San Francisco Housing Authority

11. Susan Hirsch, CEO, Hirsch & Associates

12. Lin Ishihara, Senior Program Officer, W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation

13. Laurel Kloomok, Executive Director, First 5 San Francisco

14. Eric McDonnell, Executive Vice President, United Way of the Bay Area

15. Hydra Mendoza, Education & Family Services Advisor, Office of Mayor Edwin Lee; President, Board of Education, SFUSD

16. Sandra Naughton, Senior Planner & Policy Analyst, San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families

17. Cheryl Polk, Executive Director, John and Lisa Pritzker Family Fund

18. Ellie Rossiter, Executive Director, Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco (former); Director of Campaign for HOPE SF (current)

19. Lisa Spinali, Consultant and former Executive Director, San Francisco Education Fund

20. Lottie Titus, Resident, Hunters View; Community Liaison, City of Dreams

21. Emily Wade-Thompson, Director, Family and Community Outreach, San Francisco Unified School District, Bayview Zone

22. Kimberly Wicoff, Director, San Francisco Interagency Council




1. Mark Cloutier, Co-Chair; Program Director, Public Policy, Community Health and Civic Engagement, The San Francisco Foundation

2. Maria X Martinez, Co-Chair; Senior Staff to the Director of Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health

3. Marcia Argyris, Program Officer, S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and Stephen Bechtel Fund

4. Rajiv Bhatia, MD, Director, Environmental Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health

5. Pablo Bravo, Director, Community Grants and Investments, Catholic HealthCare West

6. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, CEO, Center for Youth Wellness

7. Curtis Chan, MD, Medical Director, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health

8. Sophia Chang, MD, Director, Better Chronic Disease Care, California Health Care Foundation

9. Ray Colmenar, Program Manager, Health and Human Services, The California Endowment

10. Kelly Dearman, Former Senior Project Manager, Urban Strategies, Inc.

11. Ellen Goldstein, Director, Program Manager, UCSF Community Engagement and Health Policy Program

12. Kevin Grumbach, MD, Chair, UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine

13. Jamal Harris, MD, Director, Southeast Health Center

14. Dominica Henderson, Manager, Development & Modernization Department, San Francisco Housing Authority

15. Clifton Hicks, Psychiatric Social Worker, Southeast Child/Family Therapy Center

16. Anne Hinton, Executive Director, San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services

17. Tevi Kiliona, HOPE SF resident leader, Potrero Annex

18. Talmadge E. King, Jr., MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine, University of San Francisco, California

19. Perry Lang, Executive Director, Black Coalition on AIDS

20. Shannon Thyne, MD, Medical Director, Children's Health Center and Pediatric Asthma Clinic, San Francisco General Hospital

21. Francesca Vietor, Program Officer, Environment, The San Francisco Foundation

22. Emily Weinstein, Rebuild Potrero Community Builder, Bridge Housing




Staffing for the three task forces was provided by Jenny Fogarty of Enterprise Community Partners, September Jarrett of the Mayor's Office of Housing, Ellie Rossiter of the Campaign for HOPE SF, and expert consultants.


To learn more about the Campaign for HOPE SF and how to invest, please contact Ellie Rossiter, Campaign Director, HOPE SF.