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For Residents: Resident Leadership: HOPE SF Leadership Academy

Group of leaders

HOPE SF Leadership Academy is a group of leaders and resident advocates that inspire change by empowering residents with knowledge and understanding of the revitalization process.


About HOPE SF Leadership Academy
HOPE SF Leadership Academy Details

About HOPE SF Leadership Academy
HOPE SF incorporates input from the current residents of HOPE SF sites. HOPE SF Leadership Academy was created to arm residents with the development knowledge they need to “participate on the highest levels.

HOPE SF resident leadership and input are critical to the success of HOPE SF. The HOPE SF Leadership Academy prepares residents with the information and tools they need to fully participate in the revitalization of their communities.

By helping residents to fully understand the development process, the HOPE SF Leadership Academy assists residents to become leaders in their communities and contribute to the HOPE SF revitalization process. HOPE SF Leadership Academy:

Gives essential training, information, and techniques to engage residents in the HOPE SF community revitalization process.
Teaches residents how to inform the broader community about the HOPE SF process.
Introduces residents to the key staff, agencies, and organizations working on HOPE SF.

HOPE SF Leadership Academy classes are interactive. Participants collaborate with classmates through role-playing exercises and special guest speakers. Through the HOPE SF Leadership Academy participants are able to share experiences with residents living on different HOPE SF sites.


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HOPE SF Leadership Academy Details

Classes are held twice a month for approximately 2 ½ hours.
Any on lease SFHA public housing resident over 18 years of age and living on a HOPE SF site may attend.
Typical topics covered in The Leadership Academy are:
- Overview of public housing revitalization
- Connecting residents with services and economic opportunities
- Resident engagement, community building, and ongoing involvement
- Leadership skill-building such as giving presentations, facilitating meetings, and conducting negotiations

For more information, please e-mail Toni Autry (autryt@SFHA.ORG), Anne Griffith (agriffith@enterprisecommunity.org), or call (415) 712-3215.

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