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What It Is Today
HOPE SF begins with Hunters View. Hunters View was initially 267 units in 50 two- to three-story buildings spread over a 20-acre site. Because so many of the units became uninhabitable, the original 267 units only housed 148 families by the time construction began on phase I in 2010. The obsolete buildings were in dire need of replacement. Furthermore, disconnected streets, poor public transportation, and steep inclines isolated Hunters View from the broader neighborhood.

Hunters View is an ideal place to begin HOPE SF. The site, existing community, and surrounding neighborhood offer tremendous opportunities. Perched on a grassy hill above the old naval shipyard, Hunters View is in one of the most picturesque locations in San Francisco, featuring spectacular views of San Francisco Bay. Hunters View is less than a mile from the bustling Third Street commercial corridor and rail line. It is located at the nexus of a wide variety of revitalization efforts in Bayview Hunters Point, including the 2006 closure and dismantling of the neighboring Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) power plant, redevelopment of the adjoining waterfront, and redevelopment of the nearby former naval shipyard (Hunters Point) and football stadium (Candlestick Point).

By redesigning the site and the street grid, HOPE SF will reconnect Hunters View with the surrounding community.

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What It Will Be
HOPE SF will replace all 267 existing public housing units and add additional affordable and market-rate homes to the community. Amenities will include open space, community facilities, and retail opportunities. Hunters View will become a neighborhood that preserves the cultural and economic diversity that makes San Francisco a great city.

The new Hunters View will include the following:
An economically integrated neighborhood with a mix of housing options, that includes replacement of all of the public housing units, as well as addtional affordable rental apartments, first-time homebuyer opportunities and market-rate for-sale homes
Physical and social connections between the Hunters View HOPE SF development and the nearby neighborhood (see below for more on connections).
Comprehensive programming that will offer opportunities to residents of every age, including financial literacy services and computer training.
Jobs targeted to local residents, job opportunities during all phases of the project, job training, and other career development services.
Quality child care, including a new Head Start site.
A community center, tot lots, playgrounds, and parks.
New design, lighting, and security that will enhance the safety of the community and bring brighter pathways and community connections.
Green and Healthy development principles that include:
- Storm water management
- Solar technology
- A walkable neighborhood
- Green construction and healthy buildings

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Hunters View as a Part of the Surrounding Community
The new Hunters View reflects well-established principles of good neighborhood design. These principles give character and enduring value to neighborhoods throughout San Francisco.
The new design is changing the street grid to connect Hunters View more directly to neighborhood amenities and local transit routes, including the new T light rail line.
Tree-lined streets welcome pedestrians and bicycles.
Street-facing buildings will help residents keep their “eyes on the street” and incorporate design principles proven to create safer communities.

Desirable Housing
The entire development is being designed with sustainable “green” building technologies and has been selected by the U.S. Green Building Council for its pilot program in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND).
The new Hunters View follows the Enterprise’s Green Communities program and be a Green Point Rated development.
Terraces and courtyards provide more private outdoor spaces for residents of the immediately adjacent dwelling units.
The revitalized community is replacing all of the existing public housing units on a one-for-one basis. The completed site will also include affordable rental, moderate-income homeownership, and market-rate homes (approximately 45% market rate housing, 20% affordable rental housing, and 35% public housing).

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How We Are Getting There
HOPE SF principles ensure that site transformation takes place through participation of the existing Hunters View community. Since the inception of this project in 2005, residents, the development team, city partners and broader community members have explored questions about the best plan for the new Hunters View. Many meetings have been held, resulting in a Master Development Plan for the physical revitalization of Hunters View that was completed in early 2008. The City of San Francisco approved the Master Development Plan. In June 2008, and construction on Phase I of Hunters View began in early 2010, and was entirely completed in 2014. See the HOPE SF Hunters View timeline for key initiative milestones.

Resident Involvement
Hunters View residents have and will continue to remain closely involved in every aspect of development throughout the process. Regularly held resident meetings offer a platform for residents to receive updates and provide input to the development team and City partners. View meeting minutes of past meetings.
HOPE SF’s phased plan prevents displacement by allowing residents to remain within their existing community during construction.
In a model planning process, residents were involved in every phase of developing the Relocation Plan. Residents expressed a strong desire for on-site relocation. Phase I relocation was completed in early 1010 — 55 families moved to the Phase II and III areas of the site, where they lived until construction of their new Phase IA units were completed. Relocation of the Phase II residents to Phase III units was completed in the summer of 2013.
Hunters View residents are encouraged to participate in the HOPE SF Leadership Academy. Sixteen people have graduated from the Academy to date, becoming leaders in the development processes in their communities.
HOPE SF Youth Leadership Academy had a remarkable 2010 program, resulting in meaningful proposals for improvements and programming in the new Phase I Park and community space.

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Resident Services and Community Building
Through ongoing resident dialog, the Development team realized the poor living conditions at Hunters View would not be resolved simply through the rebuilding of dilapidated buildings. Thus the Hunters View Services Plan includes the following:
Community Builders are working on-site with residents to organize around community issues and advocate for ways to enhance the community.
Service Connectors continue to link individuals and families with appropriate services and help them achieve self-identified goals.
For more information, call Bayview YMCA at (415) 406-9622 or stop by the Bayview YMCA office.

Read more about resources for residents.

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The Development Team
The development of Hunters View is being undertaken through a public-private partnership led by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and the San Francisco Housing Authority. The Development Team is responsible for managing the day-to-day work and was selected through a competitive application process.

The John Stewart Company
The John Stewart Company was founded in 1978 to develop and manage affordable housing in California. The company manages more than 28,000 units and has developed/rehabilitated more than 3,500 units.

Devine & Gong, Inc.
Devine & Gong, Inc. (DGI) was formed in 1985 to provide real estate finance and development services to affordable housing throughout the western and Pacific states.

Ridge Point Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Ridge Point was founded in 1968 to develop and operate low- and moderate-income housing and community facilities for the residents of Bayview Hunters Point. Ridge Point places special emphasis on resident and community involvement and generating training and employment opportunities in all of its development efforts.

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Financing of Hunters View is made possible, in part, because the existing land onsite is being greatly underutilized—large areas of the site are empty and buildings are spaced widely apart. Nearly 800 mixed-income homes in three- and four-story buildings will be built where sprawling one- and two-story buildings currently sit. Higher density levels will be consistent with much of San Francisco, and market rate homes will help offset the cost of rebuilding public housing units. Other financing for Hunters View will come from government sources, philanthropic donors, and private lenders and investors.

Hunters View has and will continue to be financed through a combination of the following resources:
Affordable housing funds, including tax credit equity, tax exempt bonds, local redevelopment funds, and conventional debt
Substantial and innovative City investments
Funding from the State of California for both new affordable housing and infrastructure improvements
Federal support in both capital and operating funds
Philanthropic funds from local and national foundations
Proceeds from the sale of the market-rate homes

A total investment of $100 million was made on infrastructure and the first phase of rental homes in the first two years. Over the course of the project, it is estimated Hunters View will attract over $450 million to the community.

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Learn More
Learn more about Hunters View at the Hunters View Info website
Get Involved
Contact Bayview YMCA at (415) 406-9622 or stop by the Bayview YMCA office at the Family Center at 125 Westpoint Rd.
Find out about Hunters View jobs by visiting: www.Huntersview.info/employment.html
For General Questions about the Hunters View HOPE SF development contact Catherine Etzel at 415-345-4409.

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(Above) Source: Daniel Solomon Design Partners by Art Zendarski