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For Residents: Community Input

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With your help, we will transform San Francisco’s most dilapidated public housing into thriving and sustainable communities.

To successfully achieve its goals, HOPE SF must involve the entire community in revitalization. Developers are engaging residents, neighbors, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the faith community in planning. Find out about upcoming community meetings near you by contacting the development team for a HOPE SF site in your neighborhood. Some HOPE SF sites also have independent websites where they post upcoming meetings:

Hunters View website
Potrero Terrace & Annex website

With your input, HOPE SF will:

Replace public housing with new, high-quality, attractive buildings.
Work to create quality neighborhood parks and open spaces and improve existing community facilities.
Work to improve the local public schools so that all the neighborhood children can receive a quality education in their own community.
Provide space for new neighborhood-serving retail businesses, as well as job and training opportunities for residents.

None of these are achievable without community involvement. Empowered, involved community members are critical to successful planning, design, and ongoing operation. For more information on how to get involved at the HOPE SF site near you, click on one of the links below.

Alice Griffith

Hunters View
Potrero Terrace & Annex