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Work: Job Training

HOPE SF will provide employment and job training opportunities for current residents.

HOPE SF will provide job training and readiness programs to prepare residents for employment.
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Onsite Service Connectors will work with you to identify your job interests and skills and to link you with employment opportunities and/or with agencies that can provide training for and/or link you to those employment opportunities.
Everyone interested in construction work is encouraged to find out about job training opportunities early in order to be ready when jobs become available.
RAMP is a program to help young adults (18-24) meet the requirements to enter a job-training program.
CityBuild Academy is a construction job training program offered to residents. It will provide you with the skills necessary to participate in rebuilding your community.
In the future, all residents of the mixed-income community who are seeking employment or job training can work with on-site Service Connectors.

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CityBuild Academy
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HOPE SF has partnered with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development to ensure that HOPE SF residents receive job training opportunities and are prepared for the construction jobs created by the revitalization. If you are a HOPE SF resident without prior construction experience, you can learn the skills you need at the CityBuild Academy.

Residents with experience in the construction trades can find work with HOPE SF by connecting with CityBuild’s placement and referral services.

RAMP Program
People without a High School diploma or GED do not immediately qualify for the CityBuild Academy, but HOPE SF is committed to ensuring that everyone gets the training needed to prepare for work. If you are 18-24 years old, check out the RAMP program.

JOBS NOW! is a program that puts unemployed and underemployed parents into good jobs, and pays the employers the cost of their wages through September 30, 2010. For more information see the San Francisco Human Services Agency’s JOBS NOW! webpage.

OEWD Training Programs

Need a job but not in construction?
The City’s workforce system, coordinated through the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), offers a range of jobs and job training opportunities for HOPE SF residents.


OEWD Sector Academies

OEWD’s Sector Academies and training programs serve San Francisco residents who are unemployed or underemployed, and/or have been dislocated from their jobs, and/or meet the priority populations as defined by the Workforce Investment San Francisco Board - which includes public housing residents. These training programs provide job preparation, vocational training, and other services in order to develop a pipeline of skilled and prepared workers for industries facing staffing shortages and/or identified as having short-or-long-term job growth.


Service Connectors
Service Connectors can help you identify your job interests and skills and link you with employment opportunities and/or training. Find out more about Service Connectors for all HOPE SF sites.


Access Points
HOPE SF residents can also visit local Access Points for information about applying for jobs and job training programs in San Francisco. People can also learn more by visiting the www.workforcedevelpmentsf.org website.

Comprehensive Access Point: 1500 Mission Street (@ 11th , San Francisco, CA 94103; Tel: 415.575.4570
Chinatown Neighborhood Access Point: 601 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133; Tel: 415.677.7500
Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point: 1449 Webster Street (@ Geary), San Francisco, CA 94115; Tel: 415.655.2620
Visitacion Valley Neighborhood Access Point: 1009 Sunnydale Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94134; Tel: 415.239.8705

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