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For Residents

The HOPE SF initiative seeks to transform San Francisco’s most distressed public housing sites into vibrant, thriving communities. But the program will not simply rebuild dilapidated buildings. HOPE SF offers residents new opportunities to grow, succeed and become part of a healthy, mixed-income community.

A Promising Future
HOPE SF strives to help improve the lives of current residents.
A phased approach to rebuilding public housing units will minimize disruption to current residents who remain onsite during construction.
Where possible, phased construction will minimize disruption to current residents.
All qualified current residents will have the opportunity to live in the rebuilt development.
Convening residents and neighbors to offer feedback on site plans
New developments will have a range of housing options. There will be homes to fit a diversity of family size and budget, even with life changes over time.
HOPE SF will offer homeownership opportunities to current residents who are working toward that goal.

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A Safe and Thriving Neighborhood
Aging public housing will be replaced with new, high-quality buildings.
Service Connectors will put residents in touch with vital city services, including educational and employment opportunities and child care.
Community Builders will facilitate planning of activities to bring together all residents across income levels to strengthen the community.
Job training programs will prepare residents to access new employment opportunities, including demolition and construction jobs at the site.

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Your Help Will Make a Difference
HOPE SF is committed to inclusive planning and implementation. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Here are some ways residents can get involved and take action.
Community participation in the planning and implementation of HOPE SF will help build a strong community.

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