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2013 News


January 2013

Mayor Lee & Supervisor Cohen Celebrate First Phase Completion Of Hope SF Hunters View Public Housing Rebuild Project

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2012 News


October 2012

HOPE SF sites' Sunnydale and Potrero receive 2012 Choice Neighborhood Initiative Planning Grants from HUD

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October 2012

Northern CA Enterprise Celebrates 30 Years by Landscaping at Alice Griffith

As part of Enterprise's 30th Anniversary Celebration James Rouse Service Day, the Northern CA Enterprise staff did some landscaping at Alice Griffith! With the help of Urban Strategies, the onsite service provider, and Alice residents, staff members planted natives plants all around the Alice Griffith Opportunity Center.


August 2012

HOPE SF Leadership Academy to Re-Launch this September!

"The HOPE SF Leadership Academy is a group of leaders and resident advocates that inspire change by empowering residents with knowledge and understanding of the revitalization process."

- Mission Statement drafted by 2008 Academy Participants


The award-wnning HOPE SF Leadership Academy will be re-launching this September. The Academy is a 15-week educational and leadership training program that helps residents at HOPE SF sites to become familiar with the redevelopment process and to build leadership skills. The aim of the Academy is to enhance the depth and impact of resident engagement in the HOPE SF process by fostering the growth of resident leaders. The program is open to any on lease resident at an active HOPE SF site who is 18 years or older. To find out more >>

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June 2012

Memo to Hunters View Resident on Fire

On June 16, in the early morning, there was a fire at Hunters View. The SFFD arrived at the site at appoximately 4 am and put out the fire. The fire was isolated to a portion of the new Block 4 building and no one was injured in the fire. Additionally, no occupied units or new Block 5 & 6 units were damaged.

Block 4 was anticipated to be completed in May 2013, and this is likely to impact the schedule for completion of that building. Block 6, which is anticipated to be complete and ready for occupancy in November/December of 2012, is most likely still on schedule, and the team is hopeful that residents will still be able to start moving in by the end of 2012.

While the fire is a set-back for the project, the team will work diligently to get back on track, so that all of the Phase I units can be ready for occupancy as soon as possible.  Jack Gardner, President & CEO of the John Stewart Company, said early this morning that “this will not prevent the rebirth of Hunters View, and we will do everything possible to get the project back on schedule.”

The San Francisco Fire Department will be conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the fire. The Hunters View team is fully cooperating in that investigation and more information will be distributed as soon as it becomes available.

Should you have any information related to the fire, please contact the San Francisco Fire Department at (415) 920-2933.

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2011 News


December 2011

HOPE Grows in S.F.-Article in Affordable Housing Finance, November/December 2011 issue

"There's an unfamiliar scene in San Francisco's Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood. It’s the sight of a construction crew at one of the citys most distressed public housing developments.

After years of planning, The John Stewart Co., Devine & Gong, Inc., and Ridgepoint Non-Profit Housing Corp. have begun rebuilding Hunters View, a 22-acre site consisting of 267 public housing units built in 1956. Hunters View is just the first chapter in what is hoped will be an epic tale of renewal..."

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August 2011

Mayor Lee Announces HUD’s $30.5 Million Choice Neighborhoods Grant for Alice Griffith Hope SF Transformation Plan

(Click to view local press coverage on KGO)

August 31, 2011- Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has selected San Francisco’s HOPE SF transformation plan for Alice Griffith Public Housing Development and the surrounding Bayview neighborhood as a recipient of the $30.5 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant. The Alice Griffith Plan was one of six finalists submitted by communities nationwide competing for HUD Choice Neighborhoods funding.


“Revitalizing the Alice Griffith Public Housing Development and transforming the surrounding Bayview and Hunters Point neighborhood is the type of investment our City needs to improve public housing, create jobs and build sustainable communities. We are also supporting educational opportunities and expanding economic development in a community where we need it most,” said Mayor Lee. “I thank the leadership of HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan for choosing the Alice Griffith community and the larger Bayview neighborhood as recipients of the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Grant, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom for starting the job of rebuilding our public housing under HOPE SF, and Senator Dianne Feinstein and Leader Nancy Pelosi for their ongoing support of this project and stewardship in our communities and our City.”


“The revitalization of Alice Griffith is critical to San Francisco’s long-term goals for the Bayview neighborhood,” said U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein. “This $30.5 million investment from HUD is a vote of confidence in San Francisco that will spur economic development and create more than 1,200 units of affordable housing, while leveraging resources to build infrastructure, improve the community and put Californians back to work.”


“Today, San Francisco has secured more than an investment in new housing; our City has begun to transform a neighborhood, revitalize a community, strengthen our economy, and provide a fresh start for the families of Alice Griffith,” said Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. “It is a source of pride for all San Franciscans that the federal government has placed this down payment on this new development. We look forward to working together to ensure the success of this effort in the future.”


“Building sustainable public housing for our communities is one of the best investments we can make, and that is why we started HOPE SF,” said Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. “Today is another historic step for the Bayview as we are not just building public housing, but revitalizing the whole community. HUD’s $30.5 million grant for Alice Griffith will help California create jobs and invest in our community.”


“The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative expands on the bipartisan success of the HOPE VI program by recognizing that we must link affordable housing with a mix of incomes and uses with quality education, public transportation, good jobs and safe streets,” said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan.


“This new and important federal HUD grant will provide San Francisco with the financial leverage to rebuild and improve the 50-year old Alice Griffith public housing development and the surrounding neighborhood in the Bayview District,” said HUD Region IX Administrator Ophelia Basgal. “The Choice Neighborhoods program funding recognizes that San Francisco had in place strong long-range plans for the Bayview neighborhood and committed community partners. Now the partnership can move forward to accomplish our shared goal of creating and fostering sustainable communities.”


HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative promotes the transformation of impoverished areas into viable, mixed-income neighborhoods with access to economic opportunities. Choice Neighborhoods focuses on the public and private sectors working together to revitalize severely distressed public housing and generate investments in well-functioning services, effective schools, public assets, public transportation, and improved access to jobs. 


The Alice Griffith Plan implements the mission of the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative through a public-private partnership between the City, the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA), San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA), San Francisco Unified School District, and the development team comprised of McCormack Baron Salazar, Lennar Urban, and Urban Strategies, Inc. Together, this team is leveraging the benefits of the Redevelopment Agency’s and Lennar Urban’s development plan for Hunters Point Shipyard-Phase 2 and Candlestick Point, which includes the complete revitalization of Alice Griffith, over 10,000 new market-rate and below-market housing units, new parks, retail, and transportation improvements, and investments in job and workforce development, education, and community health and wellness programs. 


“HUD’s decision to support the Alice Griffith revitalization demonstrates that the Candlestick Point redevelopment is not only a local priority, but that the plan is also of national significance and scope,” said McCormack Baron Salazar’s Tony Salazar. “With the Choice Neighborhood Initiatives grant, the residents of Alice Griffith and people of all incomes are assured a place in the new community. The grant would not have been awarded without the hard work of our exceptional team, led by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and with our partners at the Mayor’s Office, Housing Authority, Lennar Urban, Urban Strategies, the School District, and the many service providers and organizations who stepped up to support the application.”


“We want to thank HUD for selecting us for the grant award,” said SFHA Executive Director Henry Alvarez III. “This will be essential in furthering our goals to build and strengthen communities by integrating public housing and its leaseholders into the larger social, economic and physical fabric, and thereby creating a seamless community in San Francisco.”


“The Redevelopment Agency is thrilled to receive the generous grant of $30.5 million in Choice Neighborhoods funding from HUD to support the revitalization of the Alice Griffith Public Housing Development, the City’s HOPE SF Initiative and the larger transformation plans for Candlestick Point and the Hunters Point Shipyard,” said SFRA Director Fred Blackwell. “The new housing, community facilities, social services and economic opportunities for the residents that are supported by this grant are critical elements to transforming this historically underserved community into a vibrant and thriving San Francisco neighborhood.”


“I am thrilled that SFUSD is working together with the City and community agencies to bring more resources to the Bayview community,” said SFUSD Superintendent of Schools Carlos Garcia. “The Federal government’s investment in the Bayview will help us create a national model for neighborhoods in which children and families live, learn and thrive.”


“Alice Griffith residents have been waiting for this moment for far too long,” said District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen. “After more than a decade of community based planning and advocacy, with HUD’s Choice Neighborhood’s Grant funding, we will finally be able to move forward in implementing the revitalization of this community. This is truly and exciting day for the residents of Alice Griffith and the Bayview community as a whole.”


May 2011

PLANTING THE SEED: Alice Griffith Urban Garden Volunteer Event a Success

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, more than 80 volunteers gathered in the Alice Griffith (Double Rock) community to revitalize its urban garden. Leading the charge was accomplished chef and restaurateur Michael Mina and the Hunters Point Family organization, a local youth empowerment agency. Over the next several weeks, Michael Mina and his volunteers will work shoulder to shoulder with Hunters Point Family and other community volunteers to cultivate the garden, and to grow organic produce that, after being harvested, will be provided to the community’s residents, and purchased by Michael Mina’s restaurants to be used in their recipes. The partnership provides a meaningful volunteer experience as well as additional resources for the community.

The event was sponsored by Urban Strategies, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing urban communities and empowering low-income families, in partnership with HOPE SF. Event co-sponsors included Broadmoor Landscape Supply, Recology, the San Francisco Housing Authority, and FIJI Water.


Hunters View Residents Key to Local Hiring Success

HOPE SF is committed to involving residents in all aspects of the revitalization process. At Hunters View, HOPE SF’s pilot site, we have witnessed how true resident engagement and participation is critical to helping ensure that take residents take advantage of construction job opportunities on-site. Residents were instrumental in ensuring that the residents were informed and recruited to take advantage of the job training and placement opportunities. This partnership has yielded admirable local hiring results at Hunters View. It is this strong resident involvement and a committed partnership between the Hunters View residents, development team, Urban Strategies, Inc. (our service connection partner) and the San Francisco City agency staff from the Redevelopment Agency, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development and the Interagency Council that has produced good local hiring results since construction began on the site in January, 2010.

Since the start of construction, a total of 57% of the construction hours have been completed by San Francisco residents with 42% of those hours completed by residents of the Hunters View development and the Bayview-Hunters Point community.


April 2011

The HOPE SF Leadership Academy was highlighted in HUD's national newsletter, The Resident, as a shining example of resident engagement in the revitalization process. "The positive and far-reaching impact of the program is clear: meeting attendance has increased, and residents’ needs are being addressed."

Check out the newsletter article here.

March 2011

Alice Griffith and Bayview Neighborhood chosen as 1 of 6 finalists in HUD's Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant Competition

The Alice Griffith Plan was one of 42 plans submitted by communities nationwide competing for the $61 million in total funding. HUD selected a total of six finalists to enter the second application round. San Francisco’s request to HUD of $31 million in Choice Neighborhood funding would be used to leverage resources to replace Alice Griffith’s currently obsolete housing with new, high-quality, mixed-income units as well as to build a new early childhood education center and community service center at the Alice Griffith site.

These funds are critical to the success of the Alice Griffith revitalization plan, leveraging an additional $280 million in private and public resources. In addition, over $4 million of the grant would be devoted to education enhancement programs and direct social services for Alice Griffith tenants. HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Grant (CN) promotes the transformation of impoverished areas into viable, mixed-income neighborhoods with access to economic opportunities. The Alice Griffith Plan implements this mission through a public-private partnership between the City, the San Francisco Housing Authority, Redevelopment Agency, San Francisco Unified School District, and the development team comprised of McCormack Baron Salazar, Lennar Urban, and Urban Strategies, Inc. Together, this team is leveraging the benefits of the Redevelopment Agency’s and Lennar Urban’s development plan for Hunters Point Shipyard-Phase 2 and Candlestick Point, which includes the complete revitalization of Alice Griffith and over 10,000 new market-rate and below-market housing units; new parks, retail, and transportation improvements; and investments in job and workforce development, education, and community health and wellness programs. HUD will release the Round 2 application requirements shortly, and the City and development team will continue their pursuit of the funds.

Read Mayor Lee's Press Release »


2010 News


December 2010

Community Center Planning Workshop For the Rebuilding of Potrero Terrace and Annex

Exercise equipment, a computer lab, a music studio? What do you want in a new community center?

Read more »


Healthy Hunters View:  Recreational Activities by YMCA 
The YMCA will offer recreational activities at Hunters View, including a walking group and exercise class.  One resident, Angela Vallecito, will start a weekly health series discussion group on topics including asthma, diabetes, and general nutrition advice.


Weekly Support Group with Positive Directions
The mission of Positive Directions Equals Change is to inspire personal and social responsibility to the Hunters View community through advocacy, education, and  results-oriented service. Hunters View residents are invited to participate in a support group to discuss issues ranging from job readiness, community safety issues, and personal issues affecting one's ability to focus on the future. Positive Direction Equals Change meets every Wednesday from 3:00PM - 4:30PM. For more infornation please contact 415-401-0199.


New Hunters View Computer Lab Opens January 2011

The Hunters View Computer Lab will offer resume writing workshops and basic computer skills workshops. The Hunters View Lab will also be a place for residents to check their email and do their own job searches 


Hunters View "Feeding Life Back Into the Community"
We are grateful for the community building work of James "Digger" Hamby, a Hunters View resident who uses his culinary skills to provide a weekly community meal. This meal is attended by up to fifty people, eating, talking and enjoying each other's company. Digger will prepare his final meal of the year on December 22nd.  Contact Urban Strategies at 415-735-3712 for more information.


The First Video by Sunnydale Youth Has Been Produced

Conceived, filmed, and narrated by youth residents of Sunnydale, this eleven minute film gives a short oral history of Sunnydale and what life is like for young people in this community.  With production help from Mercy Housing, Related California and Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), the video is just the first; over 20 hours of film will be edited and produced into more videos.  Check back for a link to view the video.  


Sunnydale HOPE SF selected for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Neighborhood development
The U.S. Green Building Council has selected Sunnydale HOPE SF for a national grant for LEED ND certification of the Sunnydale HOPE SF master plan. Sunnydale HOPE SF competed against innovative neighborhood revitalization plans across the country for the grant. The master plan reflects the green, sustainability and healthy living concepts expressed at community planning meetings and certification of the master plan as a LEED Neighborhood Development (ND) is expected in 2011.  


Resident Programs Continue at Alice Griffith Opportunity Center
The Alice Griffith Opportunity Center continues to provide resources, programs and information for Alice Griffith residents. A Women's Empowerment Group, Grief and Loss Support Group, and computer class are among the activities Alice Griffith residents participate in at the Center. The Center was also the site of two holiday toy-giveaways in December. Coming soon to the site is a 100% College Prep program for Alice Griffith's middle-school youth. 

In January Urban Strategies will have a greater presence in Alice Griffith. Urban Strategies will start by conducting household assessments to determine the needs of the community. Urban Strategies looks forward to hiring two resident outreach workers to assist in this effort as well as providing other activities and community events.

Join the 2011 HOPE SF Leadership Academy

Recruitment for the 2011 HOPE SF Leadership Academy is now open!  The Academy is a fifteen session educational

and leadership class that will meet once per week at the Housing Authority in the spring. All residents at active HOPE SF sites (Hunters View, Alice Griffith, Potrero Terrace & Annex, Sunnydale, and Westside Courts) who are over the age of 18 are welcome to join. The Academy helps residents become more familiar with the redevelopment process and builds leadership skills. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact Dominica Henderson for more information at 415-715-3215 or hendersond@sfha.org.


Over the last few months, alumni from the first three Academy classes have become even more involved in HOPE SF by working closely with developers to plan the future of their sites by leading more community building events. Alumni are running in more resident council elections.  One graduate applied and was selected to be the new Housing Authority Commissioner. Alumni are also obtaining employment with developers, the Housing Authority, and serve as health ambassadors through the YMCA while building strong relationships with their neighbors and residents of other HOPE SF sites.


Get Togethers

Since late October, residents of Potrero Terrace and Annex have been meeting in small “Get Togethers” to talk about the future of their community and re-imagine what it could be. Groups of 5-10 people, hosted by a fellow resident, are engaging in an asset mapping exercise, identifying the resources that exist in the community, starting with their own talents and skills, and talking about what works and what doesn’t work.
The Get Togethers, facilitated by Rebuild Potrero’s Community Builder, Emily Weinstein, will continue through the end of the year and will culminate in a community-wide Get Together in early 2011. At this large event, stakeholders, community members and Potrero Hill Terrace and Annex residents will come together to create the outline for a shared Potrero Hill vision and broad-based community action agenda. The small resident Get Togethers are the first step in engaging residents in an organized framework, providing them with a positive, productive and comfortable environment and ensuring greater interest and investment in the community-wide Get Together in January.


How the Garden Grows

The garden is thriving! Terrace & Annex residents have been harvesting collard greens, lettuces, and other fresh, organic vegetables. The teachers at Oscaryne Williams Infant and Toddler Center are cooking food from the garden for the children who, in turn, are planting seeds and watching them grow. David Glober, a dedicated Potrero Hill community member, is acting as the interim garden manager. David is overseeing the health and maintenance of the garden, organizing workdays, and working with other gardening professionals, including local resident Betsy Davis, to develop educational and other programs for interested residents. The Garden Committee of the Community Building Group is meeting on a regular basis to plan for a larger garden to be located on Texas Street as well as developing a program for individual households who would like to have a small garden closer to home. For anyone interested in getting involved in the garden (working, teaching, learning, or just harvesting and eating fresh food!) or the Garden Committee, please contact Emily Weinstein at 415-806-1429.


Alice Griffith

The development team has submitted an application to HUD for $31 million in Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Grant.  Currently, we are waiting for HUD’s short-listing of applicants for a second application round, but HUD hasn’t yet announced the date on which it will issue a decision.


November 2010

HOPE SF Garden Workday at Westside Courts' Urban Garden

In partnership with MoMagic, Community Grows, Westside Housing Initiatives, LLC (Developer Team for Westside Courts HOPE SF Program), a new resident-initiated program is growing. The Westside Courts' Urban Garden is an approximately six month long program to engage and teach residents in the art and science of gardening, healthy and sustainable food while having a good time in the dirt!


The first event was Saturday, November 13th and was a huge success. About 20 residents (many under ten years of age) and several volunteers came together to launch the program. The sun was shining and everyone was working hard and in good spirits. Residents cleared the areas where the gardens were to be planted, built beds, dug soil, and started the planting for the first crop. This work will continue on the next Garden Workday scheduled for December 4th and will continue to June 2011.

Click here to view flyer and photos at the event.


October 2010

HOPE SF Activities at Alice Griffith in Bayview Hunters Point have begun

With project approvals now in place for the Candlestick Point-Hunters Point Shipyard Phase 2 mixed-use project, HOPE SF activities at Alice Griffith have begun. The on-site services provider, Urban Strategies, recently held a 'job clinic' at the Alice Griffith Opportunity Center, and fifty residents came to get information about and assistance with job and training opportunities.

The month of October also saw a resource fair at the site, rounded out by a residents' Halloween party. On the construction side, the development team is about to submit an application to HUD for $31 million in Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Grant funding, and the Redevelopment Agency is preparing a loan to commence pre-development work, including master planning activities and preliminary architectural design work, assisted by tenants.


Enterprise HOPE SF Green Symposium on Creating Healthy Living Environments in HOPE SF Communities

How do developers and local governments integrate the concept of healthy living into large scale redevelopment projects that result in real outcomes? Enterprise Northern California brought in local and out-of-state experts for the first "HOPE SF Green Symposium to Create Healthy Environments" on October 15th, sponsored by Bank of America, to help HOPE
SF developers and City of San Francisco staff grapple with this very difficult question. Presenters discussed concrete steps like the San Francisco Department of Public Health's Healthy Development Measurement Tool, how to craft joint use agreements with the school district, and how to attract, enhance and retain healthy grocery options in low-income

Organized in collaboration with Public Health Law and Policy and with support from Enterprise Green Communities, the symposium began with a moving and inspirational keynote address by The California Endowment's Dr. Tony Iton, who shared critical information on the role of "place" in health disparities and the latest thinking in public health about community-level interventions that effect positive change.


September 2010

17 HOPE SF Residents Complete Hazmat and Asbestos Removal Training

Congratulations to the eight Hunters View residents who completed their Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Training in September 2010.  This course provided training in identifying, managing and safely handling hazardous waste materials.  The course was taught over the course of one week in September.  Participants who attended the course and passed the final exam received a certificate of completion, which states that they have been HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) and HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) certified.


Nine Hunters View residents received their asbestos certification by completing 40 hours of training in the proper removal of asbestos.  The nine residents passed the final exam and received their certificate of certification.


Congratulations to the 2010 HOPE SF Leadership Academy graduates!

On Friday, September 17th, the 11 graduates gave speeches and received certificates of completion in front of 60 of their closest friends, family and colleagues at City Hall. They talked about their personal experiences, community building projects, and visions for the HOPE SF revitalization.

The graduates are residents of Hunters View, Potrero Terrace/Annex, Sunnydale, Westside Courts and Alice Griffith. This completes the third year of the HOPE SF Leadership Academy, which engages HOPE SF residents in the public housing revitalization process by building strong leadership skills. The class is led by the San Francisco Housing Authority along with Enterprise Community Partners and the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing.

If you are a resident of a HOPE SF site and are interested participating in the 2011 HOPE SF Leadership Academy please contact Dominica at hendersond@sfha.org.


May 2010

Isolated From Potrero Hill's Affluence, the Terrace-Annex Projects Wait for Renewal
As attention focused last month on the violence along the T-Third Street Muni, students from nearby Potrero Hill were also marching, but their three-year-old effort focused on bringing attention to the public housing projects that sit on the south side of an increasingly affluent neighborhood. Read more...


Potrero Hill Grapples with Its Socioeconomic Divide: Hope In A New Start

David Glober, a 15 year Potrero Hill resident who serves on Starr King Openspace’s board, and is a Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association member, visited Annex-Terrace for the first time just two months ago. Through his participation in Rebuild Potrero, the planning effort to redevelop Annex-Terrace, Glober has become friends with public housing residents. He says the process has helped him overcome some of his fears after being robbed near the Annex six years ago. Read more...


April 2010

Newsom lauds Hunters View Groundbreaking

Today's groundbreaking of Hunters View, the first revitalization of public housing projects, gave Mayor Gavin Newsom a fair chance to take a clean shot at Fox News. Read more...


Rebuild Potrero Moves Forward

The proposed redevelopment of the Potrero Annex and Terrace housing complexes continues to move forward, with an application for formal environmental review likely to be submitted to the San Francisco Planning Department this month. Read more...


February 2010
Public Housing Youth Shaping the Future of Their Communities
What if some of the most run-down housing in San Francisco could be transformed into a vibrant family zone with the best affordable housing, schools, and community services in town? To learn more, contact September Jarrett at 415.701.5563. Read more…

2009 News

December 2009
Potrero Terrace-Annex Redevelopment Planning Process Continues
Last month nearly 100 people packed the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House for a glimpse into what the Potrero Annex and Terrace complex might look like in the future. Read more…

November 2009

HOPE SF to start work on 6,000 units of housing

The John Stewart Co. will start work next month on the $77 million phase one of Hunters View, the first
step in the city’s sweeping plan to transform 2,500 units of run-down public housing in four parts of the
city into new mixed-income neighborhoods with 6,000 units. Read more (PDF)...


August 2009

Rebuild Potrero Project Seeks Community Input

Under Hope SF, the San Francisco Housing Authority plans to replace the existing 606 public housing units located at Potrero Annex and Terrace with an equal number of new public housing units, and build an additional units offered at a range of income levels, resulting in an economically integrated development. Read more...

June 2009
Enterprise Hosts Tour of Atlanta HOPE VI Sites for HOPE SF Leaders
Enterprise Community Partners in Northern California recently organized and led a tour of Atlanta HOPE VI redevelopments for San Francisco City staff and local developers who are leading the HOPE SF initiative. The tour participants were able to reflect on which key aspects of the Atlanta model will inform our work here in San Francisco. Read more (PDF)…

January 2009
Residents, Developer Work to Build a Brighter Future
In a remarkable display of tenant and developer cooperation, residents of Westside Courts participated in a planning session to identify design elements they want to see in their replacement housing. The well-attended planning session held in December was the third Master Planning Session tenants had participated in. Westside Housing Initiatives, LLC, and Em Johnson Interest/TMG Partners jointly hosted the meeting. Read more…


Community Continues to Discuss Redevelopment of Potrero Hill Public Housing Complex

It was standing-room only at a meeting to discuss redeveloping the Potrero Hill public housing complex held at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House late last year. Read more...

San Francisco’s New Model for Mixed-Income Housing: HOPE SF

Ambitious plans are afoot to revitalize the City of San Francisco’s oldest and most deteriorated public housing sites. Through the city’s new HOPE SF program, 2,500 units of distressed public housing will be rebuild as components of new mixed-income developments. This is not your ordinary public housing rehabilitation plan, though; nearly every city agency is involved in an effort to integrate investments in housing with those in educational and supportive services for current and future residents. Read more (PDF)…

2008 News


October 2008
Enterprise in San Francisco Hosts Tour of Premiere HOPE VI Properties in Seattle & Portland
The Enterprise San Francisco office hosted a tour of HOPE VI properties in Seattle & Portland for local developers working on HOPE SF. Read more (PDF)…


May 2008
Testimony of Edward Norton For the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming - United States House of Representatives
“Building Green, Saving Green: Constructing Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings”

The first public official with whom we [Enterprise Partners] formed a partnership was Mayor Newsom of San Francisco. We were honored to stand with him in 2005 when he became the first mayor in the country to commit to making all affordable housing in his city green in partnership with Enterprise. Since then, San Francisco has committed funding and created policies to achieve this goal, building on the results of Enterprise’s $100 million commitment to pilot and prove out the most effective approaches for the city through a series of demonstration developments. Now we are working together to transform entire communities through the mayor’s visionary HOPE SF initiative. Read more…

March 2008
Mayor Newsom Announces Developers for 3 HOPE SF Sites

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Mayor Gavin Newsom´s HOPE SF Initiative reached a major milestone when the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) Commission selected three development teams to revitalize the Sunnydale, Potrero Terrace and Annex, and the Westside Courts public housing sites. Together these sites have 1,531 of SFHA´s most distressed family housing units. Read more…

3 S.F. Public Housing Areas To Be Rebuilt
Three more decrepit San Francisco public housing developments will be refashioned into denser neighborhoods that include some market-rate housing, under a new agreement between the Housing Authority and construction companies that say they're up for the job. Read more…

February 2008
Remodels for Public Housing Are Closer to Becoming Reality
February 5, 2008 SAN FRANCISCO — The plan to rebuild San Francisco’s most troubled and decrepit public housing sites is moving forward with nine developers applying to rebuild the sites. Read more…

2007 News

June 2007
Guest Editorial: The Mayor’s Budget For Housing
Mayor Gavin Newsom’s budget for housing reflects the City’s ongoing prioritization of supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals and families, as well as a renewed emphasis on public housing revitalization through the HOPE SF program. Read more…

February 2007
"HOPE SF"? The Case for a Public Housing Bond
In September, the Mayor announced that he would use "all of his political capital" to pass a bond measure which would finance the rehabilitation of the City's most distressed public housing developments. Read more…


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