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Invest: Project Overview

A Better Future for San Francisco’s Neighborhoods

For too long, San Francisco public housing residents have lived in dilapidated buildings in neglected neighborhoods with few opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty.  In one of the most vibrant cities in the nation, they have struggled with poor schools, limited employment opportunities, and with a sense of isolation.  HOPE SF is the solution.


HOPE SF is the nation’s first large-scale public housing revitalization project to prioritize current residents while also investing in high-quality, sustainable housing and broad scale community development.  In sites across San Francisco, HOPE SF will create thriving, mixed-income communities that provide residents healthy, safe homes and the support they need to succeed.


Drawing on current research and backed by a combination of public and private funds, HOPE SF will set a new standard for success in public housing revitalization. Green buildings, better schools, new local businesses and onsite resident services will transform these communities and provide opportunities to the residents who have struggled here for generations.


By enabling residents to remain in their neighborhoods during the redevelopment, HOPE SF will serve as a stabilizing force in some of San Francisco’s poorest neighborhoods, helping African-Americans and families of all colors to remain in the city.  HOPE SF will have one-to-one replacement of public housing units and phased development, allowing for on-site relocation of current residents and minimizing displacement during construction.


HOPE SF sets a new standard for success in neighborhood redevelopment.

The history of redevelopment is littered with failed efforts that displaced existing residents, or simply didn’t bring the benefits they promised. HOPE SF is a chance to get it right. HOPE SF brings together best practices in public housing revitalization with national community revitalization experts to create a groundbreaking project that can serve as a model for the rest of the country. 


HOPE SF will transform obsolete housing projects into vibrant neighborhoods with over 5,000 new public, affordable and market-rate homes.


HOPE SF focuses on San Francisco’s most troubled housing projects. These are neighborhoods where gunshots pierce the air many nights, apartments languish in disrepair with mold and rodent problems, and there are no grocery stores or laundromats within walking distance.  These are also neighborhoods with tight-knit families and strong cultural traditions.


HOPE SF will invest several billion dollars in these neighborhoods over time to preserve their strengths and bolster their communities.  At a time when federal money for public housing revitalization has decreased, San Francisco courageously launched an innovative campaign to fund these improvements with a combination of public and private dollars.


Housing for Every Budget

More than just a public housing redevelopment project, HOPE SF will help solve San Francisco’s affordable-housing crisis by providing a range of options for families from all income brackets.  New public housing units will be built alongside affordable rental units and market rate homes—adding to the area’s diversity while increasing homeownership opportunities for many San Franciscans who have been priced out of the housing market.   By investing in schools and the community supports needed to transform these neighborhoods, HOPE SF will create new housing opportunities that appeal to a diverse range of San Franciscans.


HOPE SF is pioneering a new approach to redevelopment that focuses on the health and stability of the whole community, not just its buildings.


Recognizing that success requires more than housing, HOPE SF includes a comprehensive family strengthening strategy that emphasizes education from cradle to college, financial literacy and vibrant community facilities.   At the heart of HOPE SF’s approach to creating healthy communities are the service connectors: on-site staff that links residents to health care, job training, education, and other asset-building programs. 


Healthy Residents and a Healthy Planet

Every HOPE SF site will include vibrant outdoor spaces, from community gardens to walking trails. Access to public transit and safe outdoor recreation areas will promote walking and help residents feel connected to the surrounding neighborhoods and broader community.  


HOPE SF is on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly design.   These new homes will be built to the highest standard of environmental sustainability, and a number of units will be constructed as Breathe-Easy Homes, units specially designed to avoid triggering residents’ asthma through the use of air filters and non-allergenic flooring.

HOPE SF empowers residents to have a voice in their communities.

The research is clear: community transformation efforts succeed when residents can participate in shaping their own neighborhoods.  In HOPE SF, resident involvement is built into every step of the process. The HOPE SF Leadership Academy helps residents to develop into effective and engaged community leaders.  Throughout the development and construction process, community activities build a sense of cohesion and help residents continue to improve their neighborhoods over time.  This open, participatory process will create developments that reflect each community’s unique needs.