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Invest: Philanthropic Opportunities


If you are interested in donating to the Campaign for HOPE SF, please contact Ellie Rossiter, Campaign Director, HOPE SF.


HOPE SF is a visionary initiative that will transform San Francisco’s most impoverished public housing communities into healthy, thriving, mixed-income neighborhoods. More than simply replacing bricks and mortar, HOPE SF will work in partnership with communities to turn them into places of real hope and opportunity for their residents. Critical to the success of HOPE SF is the Campaign for HOPE SF, a unique public-private partnership with an ambitious fundraising goal of $25 million by 2016. The Campaign for HOPE SF will leverage support and invest dollars in a range of areas to ensure the best outcomes for HOPE SF residents and neighborhoods.


Major Campaign funders so far include:


Annie E Casey Foundation

Bank of America

Butler Family Fund


Enterprise Community Partners

Federal Home Loan Bank

Ford Foundation

Walter and Elise Haas Sr. Fund

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Living Cities

San Francisco Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank