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Reconnecting All through Multiple Pathways

Are you between the age of 18 and 24 seeking work and/or job training? Are you having a difficult time getting hired, finding the right training, or even knowing where to start? Are you interested in completing your high school diploma while you are working?

You are not alone. Approximately 4,000 young people in San Francisco are unemployed or underemployed. Many young adults have a hard time getting connected to employment or training without work experience, employment references, or the right kinds of contacts. This is where RAMP comes in.

Getting Connected to Work and Job Training through RAMP
How Does RAMP Work?
How Do I Become Part of RAMP?

Getting Connected to Work and Job Training
RAMP is a program to help people like you get connected to work, valuable job training, and educational opportunities. RAMP is a partnership between the San Francisco Conservation Corps, Goodwill Industries, and Rubicon Programs.

If you are 18-24 years old, RAMP can offer you positive employment and educational opportunities. The program combines job readiness training, paid work experience, educational services, and intensive support.

RAMP can help you to qualify for, get accepted to, and successfully complete the CityBuild Academy and/or similar job training programs for many other kinds of careers. RAMP will also help you figure out which of these job training programs are right for you.

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How Does RAMP Work?
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RAMP provides the following services:

Assessment. The program begins with an assessment of your education, work experience, interests, talents, and skills as well as any obstacles between you and your employment goals. Although you must be willing to take a drug test to get into the RAMP program, the results will not be used to disqualify you from getting in.

Job Readiness Training. This six-week class will build your workplace skills, help you to develop positive attitudes and work habits, and provide you with the kinds of positive teamwork experiences that employers are looking for.

Employment, Vocational Skills Training, and Education. After you successfully complete the six-week Job Readiness Training, RAMP will help connect you to a transitional job or a skill-focused job training program that fits your career goals and interests. If you do not have a high school diploma or GED, you will be connected to an educational program that will help you earn your high school diploma or GED. If you already have a GED or high school diploma, you may be connected to employment or post-secondary education opportunities.

Coaching Support. You will receive high quality, one-on-one support to assist you with challenges and connect you with other support services and resources such as child care, transportation, substance abuse services, and more.

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How Do I Become Part of RAMP?
Your first step is to attend a program orientation. You’ll learn how the program works, how to apply, and what documentation you need. Contact an Access Point (see below) to find out when the next RAMP orientation will be scheduled.
You may also call Amber at 415.928.7417, ext. 307 for more information.
If you are a resident of a HOPE SF community, contact your HOPE SF Service Connector or visit your local Access Point for information about applying for jobs and job training programs in San Francisco.
RAMP is especially designed for young people who have had challenges finding or keeping a job. If you have had prior job successes, you can find out about other youth employment programs in the City by visiting an Access Point.
The City’s workforce system, coordinated through the Office of Economic and Workforce Development offers a range of jobs and job training opportunities for HOPE SF residents. You can get more information about these programs as well through the www.workforcedevelopmentsf.org website.

Access Points

Comprehensive Access Point: 1500 Mission Street (@ 11th , San Francisco, CA 94103; Tel: 415.575.4570
Chinatown Neighborhood Access Point: 601 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133; Tel: 415.677.7500
Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point: 1449 Webster Street (@ Geary), San Francisco, CA 94115; Tel: 415.655.2620
Visitacion Valley Neighborhood Access Point: 1009 Sunnydale Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94134; Tel: 415.239.8705

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