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For Residents: Resident Leadership

HOPE SF values the existing community and strives to help current residents preserve the positive attributes of the existing communities, and fully participate in the design and implementation of the new community.

Resident leadership is needed to improve conditions, whether it’s in Potrero, Sunnydale, Hunters View, or Alice Griffith. Transforming these long-neglected neighborhoods into thriving, sustainable communities will enable residents to access opportunities that will ensure their families will thrive for generations to come.

Get Involved with Project Planning and Implementation
For information about how to get involved, visit the Take Action page.


Leadership Training: Empowering Residents, Inspiring Change

The HOPE SF Leadership Academy offers leadership training for residents seeking information about rebuilding their communities. Classes include urban planning, the revitalization process, communications skill-building, and negotiation strategies.


The HOPE SF Youth Leadership Academyis designed for residents ages 14–16.

Things to Know About HOPE SF

HOPE SF provides new homes for current residents. There will be no loss of public housing. The current number of units will be replaced, one-for-one.
Residents and neighbors are involved at the highest levels of planning.
HOPE SF replaces public housing with new, high-quality, green building.
Service Connectors assist families to identify and access needed services, such as child care and health care.
HOPE SF’s phased approach helps to minimize the disruption of residents while construction is underway.
Residents at HOPE SF sites are given priority for construction jobs.
HOPE SF works with the San Francisco Unified School District to improve neighborhood schools.
HOPE SF creates neighborhood parks and recreational options for the community to enjoy and works to improve existing neighborhood facilities.
HOPE SF needs your involvement to be successful. Find out about how to get involved in your community.