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For Residents: Right to Revitalized Housing

Residents’ Right to Revitalized Housing
Relocation Basics
Relocation Planning
Other Frequently Asked Questions

Improving the lives of the current residents is the reason HOPE SF exists. Residents have a right to revitalized housing.
HOPE SF will provide a home for residents who want to return.*
Residents will minimize involuntary displacement during construction.
The project will undertake a phased approach to rebuilding the public housing units to minimize disruption to residents’ lives during construction.

Residents’ Right to Revitalized Housing
*Q. If I live here now, am I guaranteed a place in the new development?
*A. All residents that are eligible for relocation assistance (residents in good standing) will have the right to move into the revitalized units, provided that they have not been evicted or served by the Housing Authority with a summons and complaint for eviction.

Q. Will there be just as much public housing available after redevelopment?
A. Yes. HOPE SF principles require one-for-one replacement of public housing units. There will also be additional housing units in a range of affordability levels in these mixed-income communities.

Q. What is one-for-one replacement?
A. One-for-one replacement means that there will be NO loss of public housing units. For every public housing unit that exists today, a new public housing unit will be built. For instance, of the 267 units that currently exist at Hunters View, 267 will be replaced.

Q. Will I qualify to buy a home in the new development?
A. The developer and the City will give priority to existing residents for affordable homeownership units (those available to households who earn 80% of Area Median Income). However, potential home buyers will need to meet the lending criteria of banks making loans. As part of the services plan, residents will have access to first-time home buyer programs to assist them with financial planning and homebuyer counseling and education.

Q. If I am not a legal resident of the US, but I am a current resident in the development, am I still guaranteed a place in the new community?
A. You will be eligible for a revitalized unit provided you have not been evicted or served by the Housing Authority with a summons and complaint for eviction.

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Relocation Basics
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Q. Where will I live while they are doing construction?
A. Where possible, construction will occur in phases so that current residents can be temporarily relocated onsite to an apartment in a different area of the property. To the extent possible, residents who choose to stay onsite during development will have to move only once before they move into their new unit.

Q. Will we get assistance with relocation and moving costs?
A. Yes. By law, financial assistance or other forms of assistance must be provided to relocated families to ensure no one is financially burdened.

Q. Will Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers will be available?
A. A principle of HOPE SF is to minimize displacement of existing residents and emphasize onsite relocation. The Housing Authority does not currently have Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers to offer to residents as part of the HOPE SF redevelopment process.

Q. How long will we be living in our temporary units?
A. The Development Team will work to minimize both the number of households who have to move temporarily and the period of time families have to live in temporary units before moving into new homes. Once demolition starts, the usual time from demolition to rebuilding and moving into new homes is about two years, but the timing will depend on a number of factors.

Q. Will SFHA ensure that our temporary unit will be a safe environment?
A. Yes. The development team will work with the Housing Authority, residents, and the city to make the property a safer environment before we demolish a single home. HOPE SF will engage residents in developing programs and activities that will use the rebuilding process as a catalyst for change in the community (what is sometimes called “community building”) and will not wait until buildings are rebuilt to improve the neighborhood.

Q. When I move into a new unit will my rent change?
A. No. The way your rent is calculated will not change.

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Relocation Planning
Q. What is a Relocation Plan?
A. A Relocation Plan describes the process by which the Housing Authority plans to temporarily relocate residents in order to accommodate construction. The plan describes alternative housing options, the proposed timeline, and other critical issues related to relocation.

Q. How can I get involved in the relocation planning process?
A. The relocation planning process starts about a year before demolition begins. At that time, residents will be notified of opportunities to participate in the relocation planning. To learn more about relocation, contact the Housing Authority at 415.715.3210. HOPE SF and relocation staff will be able to answer questions related to relocation and other aspects of redevelopment.

Q. Who decides on the relocation plan?

A. The Relocation Plan will be prepared in collaboration with tenants, developers, Housing Authority staff, City agencies, and tenant advocates.

Q. How is resident voice included in the relocation plan?
A. Residents are represented on the committee responsible for reviewing the Relocation Plan. Additionally, the resident association reviews and provides feedback on the plan. After a draft plan is completed, a 30-day review period ensures that residents have an additional opportunity to provide feedback before the plan is reviewed and ultimately approved by the San Francisco Housing Authority Commission.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions
If you have other questions, please visit the HOPE SF FAQ page.


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